Television and online documentaries and series.

On this page you can find a collection of television, online and streaming series and documentaries directed by myself.

Discovery Channel × The Incredible Story of Kimchi

Japan × Masters of Japan

Discovery Channel × Hit the Road

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Art and Culture Series

Autodesk × Building an Icon

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Nightlife Series

Cathay Pacific × Destination Series

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Interactive Food Tour

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Discover Hong Kong

ANYDOKO × Must-Eats in Hong Kong

ANYDOKO × Best Peking Duck in Beijing

Cathay Pacific × Beijing & Shanghai Series

Japan × Becoming Japanese

Malaysia Airlines × Destination Kuala Lumpur

ANYDOKO × Best Desserts in Hong Kong

Japan × Matagi

ANYDOKO × Shanghai Dumpling Tour

ANYDOKO × Best Burgers in Hong Kong

ANYDOKO × Iconic Neon in Hong Kong

ANYDOKO × Best Eats in Tokyo