What I do.

I am a commercial film and content director specialising in travel and lifestyle. I've been lucky enough to travel all over the world creating award-winning content for companies like Cathay Pacific, Huawei and Qantas.

As a director, I love to try new things, on set and in post-production. I create work that's modern and in touch with today's audience – and I try to inject a bit of humour where I can (because there's just too much boring content out there).

I am the founder of ANYDOKO, a high-quality online travel channel, focused on exploring the true passion-points of travel which receives millions of views. As the channel's Creative Director I am responsible for all the content we create, which alongside the success of the channel, is one of my proudest achievements.

How I got here.

Born and raised in the Netherlands, I traded in the canals for the sands of Sydney to finish my Bachelor's degree and my Masters in Film Production. After ten years I relocated to Hong Kong to create more content in Asia.

I am currently based in Hong Kong and am often found in Sydney.