Food films, food commercials and food television programs.

On this page, you can find a collection of food and beverage films directed by myself.

Discovery Channel × The Incredible Story of Kimchi

Discovery Channel × Kimchi Taste of Korea

HOYTS × LUX with Manu

Jardine Restaurant Group × Joyful Meals

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Art and Culture Series

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Wine and Dine

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Nightlife Series

Breville × Get Loose

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Hello HK!

Hong Kong Tourism Board × Interactive Food Tour

ANYDOKO × Must-Eats in Hong Kong

ANYDOKO × Best Peking Duck in Beijing

ANYDOKO × Ramen Master in Japan

ANYDOKO × Best Snacks in Beijing

ANYDOKO × Best Desserts in Hong Kong

ANYDOKO × Snack Like the Dutch

ANYDOKO × Shanghai Dumpling Tour

ANYDOKO × Best Burgers in Hong Kong

ANYDOKO × Best Eats in Tokyo

ANYDOKO × Best Restaurants in Shanghai