Advertising Film Director and Advertising Film Producer based in Asia (Hong Kong).

I partner with creative agencies, broadcasters and brands in Hong Kong, Asia and globally to direct cinematic advertising films that are engaging and high-quality.


As an advertising film director based in Asia (Hong Kong), I have teamed up with many of the large advertising agencies all over the Asia Pacific region. Together we have created innovative commercials for brands such as HUAWEI, Breville, Cathay Pacific, McDonald's, HOYTS, Qantas, Fiji Airways and many more.


If you are a brand, broadcaster or agency based in Hong Kong, Asia or anywhere else and you are looking for a director to create innovative commercial films, we should chat!

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My journey as an advertising film producer and director started as an in-house content director at Dentsu in Australia. After a year I went out on my own and since then I have directed hundreds of content pieces, television commercials, television programs and online commercials in Hong Kong, Asia, Australia and all over the world.

I specialise in lifestyle, food and travel films and while I have worked on many big sets and directed controlled studio and location shoots, I believe I am particularly skilled in less controlled situations. Some film sets simply do not allow you to have a lot of control, either because of the location, budget or other restrictions. Over the years I have perfected how to direct in these situations. Thinking quickly and working intelligently with my crew to create images and a narrative that seems like it was filmed on a large controlled set. One of my favourite examples of this are the spots I directed for Qantas in Asia.

I value a great open-minded collaboration with the creative agency because when an exceptional creative team and an exceptional film-making team come together the best work is produced. As an advertising film director, I am not precious about my ideas and love to work together with agency creatives to improve on them to create commercials we can all be proud of.

As a coloured advertising film director with South American and Indian heritage, I have a strong commitment to diversity in our industry and the work we create. It’s my goal to have a diverse set and to create films with diverse ideas and a diverse cast.