The creative industry and especially the film industry has a severe lack of diversity. We see it every day when we look at the content on our screen and the crew on our set. Being a person of colour and a television director I've been reminded of this many times. Most notably when a creative agency partner made the friendly suggestion for me to change my name so it sounded less brown.

I believe this isn't good enough and it's everyone's responsibility to change this. From producers to creative agencies, broadcasters and especially clients.

I aim to create work with a diverse look that is created by an equally diverse team.

Diversity on our screens.

Over the years, I have worked on far too many projects where clients refused to put people of colour in their commercials. Too many projects where the woman's facial features had to be amended or her waist had to be slimmed down. I aim to create commercials that feature a diverse cast and I will strongly support agency partners and networks that push for this with their clients.

Diversity on our sets.

When you walk onto many film sets finding people of colour and non-males is a rarity. Women fill most of the administrative roles while the camera department is 99% male with female cinematographers being seen as a novelty. I want to create work with quality people from different backgrounds. If you want to work with me, please reach out, and we can grab a coffee.

It's up to us to change the lack of diversity and the time is now.